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#5 Chemical Paint: Dr. Death I

Updated: May 11

Dr Death

Hi! My name is Aiza Jamil and welcome back to another episode of ✨STEM on the Streets✨! If you are new here, like I said before my name is Aiza Jamil and this is my sidekick CAI (Crime Ai)-

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: I am not your sidekick! You're not even a superhero that you can have a sidekick!


Classic sidekick behaviour!

Anyways where was I? Ahh, yes. CAI and I explore the darkest and most crime-littered streets of STEM. If you haven't read the previous episode I recommend clicking the button and checking it out.



Before we begin, I would like to say that we will be going through some sensitive topics. So if you don't feel comfortable reading further I would prefer that you don't read further.

Without further ado let's get on with the show!


The Makings

    CAI isn't just a euphoric feeling?

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: What?


The feeling of doing an awesome crime case! Like sometimes the feeling of peace when justice is done and sometimes the curiosity of how the story is destined to end!

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: Aiza, after literally every crime case that enters your brain you go on a long vent about how this makes you realise how boring your life truly is.

Shut up, CAI.



Imagine putting your trust in a doctor to cure your ailments, only to find out that he has been causing more harm than good. This is the chilling story of Dr. Death, a man who was once hailed as a gifted and talented doctor, but whose actions caused irreparable damage to countless patients. The shocking true story of Dr. Death will leave you questioning the very nature of medical care and the responsibility of those in positions of power.

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: I would just like to add that I did not want Aiza doing any crime at all.


(✿◡‿◡)CAI: Because just because.

I think that you are just jealous that you are my sidekick and not the star of the show.

(*  ̄︿ ̄)CAI


Enough with this chitchat!


The Makings... II

There are many known Dr. Deaths such as the one with a crime series on Netflix, Christopher Daniel Duntsch. However, we'll not be talking about him but the notorious Harold Fredrick Shipman.

Harold Shipman was born in Nottingham, England on Janurary 14, 1946. He wasn't really born to a very rich family but a poor one. Shipman was really good in his academics and school work, he was also very athletic (keep the athletic part in mind folks).


Family Dynamics

Shipman's relationship with his siblings was fairly normal and same goes for his father. However, he had a way deeper attachment with his mother, Vera. Shipman's entire goal was to get out of Nottingham and make his mother proud.

He had a very strong bond with his mother and so did his mother have an unbreakable bond with him. When he was a kid he was really clingly to his mother but when he progrssed into his teenage years, the clingness was a bit odd. To him his mother was a nail in his life something that was constant and loving- a wall for him to lean on.



CAI, I didn't expect you to be so... enthusiastic.

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: Well, I am NOT enthusiastic. Continue!

Umm ok?


His mother was diagnosed with LUNG CANCER! Unfortunatley, she was already in her late stages of this horrible disease.

And it was only rapidly worsening.

By the time of the diagnoses, Vera was already bed ridden. Shipman's father had to work full time, his brother was only 13 and his older sister had moved out of the city which left only Shipman to look after his mother. Harold Shipman put in everything to take care of his mother, he would not study and he dropped many of his sports and extracuriculars. He truly cared for his mother but the sad thing was that the doctors had already warned them from the very begining that Vera might not make it.

He went through everything alongside his mother. He would try to be as knowledgable as possible for his mother. But a heartbreaking news was delivered to him and his family: his mother's lung cancer was terminal and she only had a few weeks to live.

When his mother had passed, Shipman didn't really know how to process this so he went on a run. He would always go on a run to clear things up in his head but this time he ran and ran and ran...

He ran till hours passed by and he just didn't want to go back home beca-

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: WHY??

CAI? What is wrong, I thought you didn't allow this- this crime case.

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: I don't, continue!

He didn't want to go back home because he didn't want the reality of his mother's passing strike him where it were to pain him most.

Over the next period of time Shipman felt terrible and it was as if he was being picked apart but he didn't show that on the outside. On the outside, he looked like he was doing ok as a matter of fact he looked like he was doing great! It almost seemed, on the outside, his mother's death had motivated Shipman. With something great lost, Shipman found something greater- the passion to become a doctor. He found that while his mother was ill, the doctor/s were giving them comfort and hope so not he wanted to be this comfort and hope.


Life After the Passing

In the UK, at the time, there was a shortage of doctors so universities were desperate and letting people with marks below the requirements (the requirements being have three A's). Shipman, himself, got in the University of Leeds at the age of 19 with a B, a C and a D.

After getting into medicine, he starts to enjoy it and turns out he is really good at it as well. He was settling in very well with his new life style and he really liked to uhh... well party. During his time at university he met the love of his life, personally I beleive that the 'love of his life' could have done much better. He met Primrose May Oxtoby, a local farmers daughter. When they met she was 16.

Primrose and Harold Shipman had an instant connection. Whenever they would meet they would flirt with each other and nothing more than that. Soon Primprose got tired and made the first move and they went on date after another. And soon they were official.

After sometime of dating it was found that Primrose was pregnant. And because both of their families were very religious so that didn't obviosly rub well. Harold's father said to Harold that he was grateful that Vera wasn't around to experience this sin that Harold had commited. That obviously had deeply hurt Shipman because he had strived to make his mother proud.

(✿◡‿◡)CAI: Aiza, a quick reminder, we have to keep these blogs short.

Yes, CAI thanks for reminding me. So they decided to marry so their child wouldn't be born out of wedlock. And both families were happy with it.

Soon, Shipman's new found family began to flourish but he little did his beloved family know that Shipman had formed an addiction. It rooted from his teenage years of when he would do athletics. He would apply this ointment for sore muscles known as Sloan's Liniment. He would apply access and then soon he started sniffing it. While he was at med school, he learnt how to safley give an injection which only fueled his addiction and soon he was injecting morphine.

It was morphine specifically because he used to see his mother get injected with morphine while she was in such pain. And after the drug had started taking action she would look so calm and peaceful. So he started intaking it too. It was a secret that he kept from he family.

In some time he landed a job at a hospital btu he didn't quiet enjoy the hospital. And he wanted a job without the rush which was present in the hospital. So he landed himself a job as a GP, which he prefered better, at The Abraham Omerod Medical Center but little did they know that things were just going to get worse.


Anyways, that is it for today folks! Please stay tuned for the next episode where we'll be getting into the actual murder part and forensics part as well. Also sorry for the late blog.

This is Aiza Jamil, signing out!

I am a fornsics expert, what is your super power?


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This is so interesting!


May 07

I love the way these blogs are written!

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