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young4stem TEAM

About the founders

We are 3 students from a small town in Slovakia who are passionate about STEM and studying abroad. Due to this, to help aid our community of students with similar passions, we have created our platform young4STEM. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

young4STEM Team

Here you will find out who plays what role in the young4STEM Team. Each role is equally as important and we are very grateful for all the young STEM enthusiasts helping grow our platform. You can become part of our team too! 

Meet The Founders

young4STEM Team

A diligent group of ambassadors, content creators, web developers, and overall STEM lovers!

Become a part of the team!

Volunteer at young4STEM! Help us spread our goal. Find new volunteer opportunities, or request volunteering most suitable for you.

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