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From leadership positions to blog writing, there are many ways you can help young4STEM broaden its community of STEM-dedicated youth and spread our goal. Here we have listed the positions we are currently offering. If you are interested or have came up with a different role, please email us!

The young4STEM team would love to have you!

As a Web Content Creator, you will work mainly on our Schools and Requirements pages. You can either

  • BE A WRITER FOR A COUNTRY:  You would choose an already created country section (US SCHOOLS)  and look for new schools to write information and requirements about. You will be displayed as an ''Our Team'' member.

  • BE THE HEAD OF A NEW COUNTRY SECTION:  You would choose a new country and start writing about its schools here. You would also have to write about the required tests for the given country (US Requirements).

       You would be the head of this section!


As a young4STEM ambassador, your main goal would be to spread our goal and idea, using communication and skills in contacting people. Here are some examples:

  • Contacting international schools / Alumni (for our Deep Dives and Alumni Q&A)

  • Finding any inspiring STEM successful individuals who you think will interest people, then contact them for potential interviews/blogs  (we have a few on our website under Inspirational People)

  • Spread our goal and get people to join our community! This can be done by creating blogs, posting their work, or joining our ''Groups' page''!

For leadership, contact other people to join you as ambassadors. These can be schoolmates, friends, or anyone passionate about STEM. These people would come to you for guidance


As a Social Media Content Creator:


You can let your imagination and creativity run wild. You can create reels, posts, daily quizzes, facts, stories and anything else that YOU would enjoy seeing on our Instagram as a STEM lover.  

Our only condition is that it should be STEM-related.

To gather more inspiration on the content, check out our instagram: @young4stem



I want to volunteer:




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