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Requirements for the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's higher education system provides many programmes taught in English, so an English proficiency exam is almost always required. The acceptance limit varies from school to school but the most often wanted is for example level B2 or more on CAE exams, 6.5 on IELTS, 80 on TOEFL or 105 on Duolingo. Always check the specific university for accurate information.


It is also possible to test your English proficiency via SCIO TESTS

Some programmes can be taken only in Czech therefore to enrol you have to pass the Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) or take the Czech Language test for foreigners via Scio if the university accepts it. The structure is then similar to the English one.

CCE - Czech Language Certificate Exam

The exam is based on the format of the Cambridge English Qualification. It consists of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar/lexical test, writing and speaking. After passing the test you receive a certificate based on the level you took, with scores from A1, A2, B1, B2 to C1 being the highest.

If you want to improve your Czech you can do it directly at your dream university as most of them provide language courses in person or online. Another option is to attend a foundation programme which will not only enrich your Czech but also prepare you for the entrance exams or studies overall. Again, check whether your school provides these.

Many Czech universities take into consideration also GPA or AP, so make sure to be informed beforehand.

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