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The Story Behind a Robot

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Do you know how was the term robot created? Do you know it wasn't a Mathematician or IT Specialist? It was someone from the Czech Republic!


The word ROBOT appeared for the first time on 17. 11. 1920.

Book R.U.R. (Rossum's universal robots), published by the Aventinum Press, became an immediate phenomenon.

Karel Čapek, author of the book, stated that his brother Jozef invented the name. On Christmas Eve in 1933, Karel Čapek published a short column ''O slove robot'' (About the word Robot), an explanation of how they created the term.

He told his brother he couldn't invent a name for his little workers. He considered the word labori inspired by English but wasn't content with it. His brother replied: ''Call them Robots!'' and continued in painting. The Slavic word robot, which means forced work, inspired Jozef.

Robots of Karel Čapek are humanoids - they look like people but are more straightforward and have a face without expressions.

They wear linen blouses belted at the waist and brass numbers on the chest.

Even after 102 years (only six days until 103), Mr Čapek's word is still used and robots continue to amaze kids and people around the world.



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