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Revolutionary batteries which could cut the cobalt pattern of an electric car were designed by chemists at MIT. More specifically, they found a better alternative to the material of cathode (positively charged electrode) in lithium-ion batteries. Cobalt, the metal used up until now, has other than the capacity to store loads of energy many more drawbacks, concerning unstable price, unjust mining background or toxicity towards the environment. Because of that, many scientists set their goal to find less problematic material, favorably organic one. In the MIT lab, researchers created a material with a structure similar to graphite, which seems to even outstand cobalt in some ways, for example, more rapid charging. Contented with these results, they now plan to find a replacement for lithium and with the newly proven history, they might as well succeed.

If you are ambitious, do not hesitate to consider MIT as one of your choices - who knows if someday this article won't be about your success:

link to the article:

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