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What is young4STEM?

young4STEM is a vibrant community of young people sharing the same passion for STEM. From applying to study abroad, personal experiences, STEM blogs or independent research, our mission is to give a voice and a forum for everyone to share their journey and ideas. In addition, we are a place where interesting research can be published and discovered. We gather information on inspiring STEM related people and much more. We create a community of young scientists, IT specialists, engineers and mathematicians  who are able to support and guide one another. Share your experiences with the foreign school system and help others! To find out more, scroll through our website or message us.  young4STEM

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Find out about students' personal experiences from different colleges!

What is STEM?

STEM is a field of study. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

A wider range of academic disciplines fall under this description (check out the buttons below) .These areas of study are connected through similarities they share both in THEORY and PRACTICE.

 Study, bring new ideas, and create a better future.

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Deep Dives have been created to deliver our readers the most precise and insightful information, directly from their favourite universities.   To fulfil this goal, we have been contacting admission offices with questions on student body, curriculum, STEM majors and tips for prosperous students.





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