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On the grounds of Kyushu University's Faculty of Engineering has recently happened an event, that enlarges the limits of quantum computing. The massive discovery was a quantum coherence of qubits ( units of information in quantum computing) at room temperature, which was yet impossible. With the use of a metal-organic framework, the team succeeded in achieving a stable coherence which is vital for the precision of calculations in the computers. The state lasted only for 100 nanoseconds, but this is enough to speculate about new materials for these computers which won't depend on strong cooling. Altogether this is a huge step in both the scientific and the technological world and deserves recognition.

If you want to dive deeper into this achievement, please read the original article:


Louisiana is known for its leadership in energy production and newest settlements will only contribute to the post. The State Mineral and Energy Board approved of Louisiana's first-ever offshore wind operating agreements, thus enlarging their field of specialisation towards greener future. Two projects, Cajun Wind and Diamond Offshore Wind are to be installed by 2035 providing new jobs and customers for offshore ports.

link to the artcile:


This week ESA (European Space Agency) has made a huge step forward Europe's autonomus access to space. After many pre-launching tests, this one served as a critical rehearsal for the actual launch as the new Vulcain 2.1 engine was used. During the simulation they tested the durabilty of the engine by full hot-fire trial which burned 150 000 kilograms of supercooled liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel. The whole procedure took about two hours and since everything went smoothly, the final test is planned for december and will show wheter Ariane 6 is ready to secure European's position in space exploration.

Here is the link if you're interested in the details:



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