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Seattle U ALUMNI young4stem


attended: Seattle U, Seattle, USA

majored in: Economics 

"Independence, lifelong friendships, a professional network, and unforgettable memories. "

How and why did you choose your university?

RB: I have been to Seattle once, I loved it, and I really wanted to be connected to the city somehow. An opportunity came for me to study and play soccer for Seattle University, so I took it immediately. 


What did you major in, and what did you think of the program

RB: For my undergraduate degree, I majored in Economics and minored in Accounting. I am finishing a master’s degree in Data Analytics with a focus on business problems (Master of Science in Business Analytics - MSBA) in March. I genuinely enjoyed studying economics, SeattleU has some great professors in the department who have been very influential to me, and we are still very good friends. I find it also helpful to have an understanding of fundamental accounting principles. Accounting is the language of business, and accounting knowledge has been very beneficial for me at work/internships. I particularly enjoyed taking classes that involved computer programming, statistics, and math in undergrad, so in graduate school, I decided to pursue analytics. I’ve been passionate about data analytics and data science for a couple of years and I’m currently looking for jobs related to those two. The MSBA program has been great, besides all the cool stuff I’m learning, the school provides us with unique networking and mentoring opportunities. Seattle area is a hometown for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon and Microsoft. I’ve had the chance to tour Microsoft’s campus in the city of Redmond, interact with some very interesting professionals, collaborate on projects with local companies… I feel lucky to be able to attend a university in one of the most influential tech cities in the world.


How did you find your career path?

RB: Probably covered above


What was your favorite class?

RB: I have taken many very interesting classes, however, the class I enjoyed taking the most and have the fondest memories from is History of Economics. It is not necessarily closely connected to my passion for analytics – the main reason why it’s been my favorite class is because of the professor. Taking classes with great professors who have a genuine passion for what they teach has always been super enjoyable for me. The professor always brought great energy to the classroom and made the lectures interactive, making it easy for students to follow and learn. History of Economics class from undergrad is something I will remember for a long time, and I still remember a lot from the lectures, too!


Was it easy to build a relationship with your professors, or they weren’t approachable?

RB: It’s been fairly easy for me to develop great relationships with professors because of the nature of my school. SeattleU is a smaller university, the average class size is around 20 students, and professors always have their doors open for students to come to say hi. Before SeattleU, I went to the University of Maryland, which is another great university, but much bigger. It often took students several hours of waiting in line to be able to talk to the professor. Being able to discuss class materials with professors and develop relationships with them is important to me and it helped me a lot during my college time. It’s certainly significantly easier to do in smaller schools.

How did you get involved on campus?

RB: I’ve played soccer for the university, which has been arguably my biggest involvement. I have also been working at the university’s recreation center for 4 years, which provided me with another community. I also attend all kinds of career and networking events, which are very popular among students.


What did you gain outside of the college classroom?

RB: Certainly a great deal of independence, lifelong friendships, a professional network, and unforgettable memories. 

What is your favourite memory of college?

RB: It’s hard to choose one because I’ve been blessed with many wonderful memories. The one that tops all of them is probably the fans storming the soccer field after we beat our crosstown rival. It was an unforgettable moment for the Seattle University community with students jumping and chanting all around you, taking pictures, and celebrating the win.


What was the worst thing about your college experience?

RB: I was definitely homesick at first, it’s important to have a community of friends around you. Other difficult periods are more related to the athletic side of me, I had to undergo a couple of surgeries, so it’s not easy being on your own during times like that.


What advice do you have for someone attending this university?

RB: Prioritise your studies, that’s why you are attending a university (advice applicable to any school). Otherwise, attend events, get to know the faculty, take advantage of the resources, and enjoy the beautiful city!



What advice would you give to current college students?

RB: Get your priorities together, attend every lecture, and find joy in moments like spending all night studying for an exam with your friends. It might not be too enjoyable at the moment, but it’s a memory you’ll remember forever.

Is there something you would like to change about this school to improve the experience of future students?

RB: Nope. 

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