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SAT and ACT are the most common exams U.S. students take to demonstrate their preparedness for university. To help you decide which test is the best, we recommend taking a full-length practice test of each type. 


Scholastic Aptitude Test is also known as SAT Reasoning Test. You have 180 minutes to demonstrate reading, writing, language test and mathematics skills. 

The reading part contains 52 questions to complete within 65 minutes.

Writing and language tests have 44 questions with 35 minutes to complete for 200-800 points. 

The last part is 80 minutes long. The mathematics test contains 58 questions for 200 to 800 points. 

The quantity of points one can receive is between 400 to 1600 (without a writing part).  

Someone scoring 1350 points and more is in the top 10% of students. 

Registration for SAT is online via The fee is 60$ + 43$ as a regional fee. 


American College Testing Program is 175 minutes long (no writing part) standardised test for U.S. students. The ACT covers four academic skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning. It also offers an optional direct writing test. 

You can register online via with a fee of around 182$ for a non-writing test. 

The English language part is 45 minutes long with 75 questions. 

Mathematics is 60 minutes long and contains 60 queries. 

The reading part is 40 questions long with a time of 35 minutes.

Scientific reasoning is pretty similar to the reading part. It is also 35 minutes long with 40 questions to complete. 

You can obtain in all these tests 1-36 points

If you decide to do a writing part (40 minutes), you can reach more points in a range of 2-12. 

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