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Harvard and UNC  young4stem


attended: HarvardMassachusetts and UNC Chapel Hill

majors: Economics and psychology  - Harvard , MBA - UNC


" There will be tough days, but if you know where you're headed, you can overcome anything. ."

How and why did you choose your university?

MV: I picked my university by looking for a place that has a strong academic program and a competitive soccer team. After checking out different options, Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill seemed perfect because they're both great academically with top-ranked soccer programs.


What did you major in, and what did you think of the program?

MV: I focused on economics and psychology at Harvard and now I'm doing an MBA at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. 


What was your favorite class?

MV: My favorite class so far has been Introduction to Psychology at Harvard with Professor Daniel Gilbert. Additionally, my keen interest in Sports Economics made that course particularly enjoyable.


Was it easy to build relationships with your professors, or they weren’t approachable?

MV: Based on my experience, professors are nice and easy to talk to. They're always ready to help with anything. Their approachability has made it effortless to seek guidance on academic matters or personal challenges.


What was the greatest challenge you faced in college?

MV: Balancing the demands of academics and sports emerged as the biggest challenge. As a student-athlete, maintaining discipline and efficient time management have proven crucial. The rewards of pursuing both have been worthwhile though.


What advice do you have for someone attending this university?

MV: Stick to your goals and stay committed. There will be tough days, but if you know where you're headed, you can overcome anything. 


What do you wish you knew before starting college?

MV: Reflecting on my journey, I wish I had recognized how strong sports programs are in colleges. My initial scepticism dissolved upon experiencing the substantial growth as a soccer player. I've never regretted my decision. 

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