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Interested in the University of Pittsburgh? We have contacted the admissions office to deliver our website visitors first-hand information from their favourite schools.

From Pittsburgh Admissions

The University of Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of STEM programs, ranging from natural sciences such as chemistry, to health sciences, engineering, computer science, and many more. A full list of programs is available at, and you can filter the results based on interest area and degree level. 


Several of our most popular STEM programs include Biological Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Pre-Medicine, and Information Science.

We also have new and exciting STEM majors that emphasize interdisciplinary learning, and these include Physics and Quantum Computing, Data Science, Public Health, and Digital Narrative and Interactive Design.

Our faculty constantly develops relevant and interesting coursework for our STEM students, and as a Tier I Research Institution, Pitt receives a significant amount of funding for research, much of which happens within the STEM fields. 


With regard to the application process, our requirements for first-year international applicants are listed at

The specific coursework requirements for each of our programs are listed at:

For students interested in STEM programs, we are looking for a strong background in math and science courses in high school. Some of our programs require pre-calculus and prefer calculus, and some programs also require specific science courses such as chemistry and physics. 

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